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About us

The Hunt
Have you ever encountered the dilemma of coming across the perfect dress, only to realize it needs to be layered due to its sheer fabric? Or everyone’s favorite, the realization of a slit running down the side. I know I have!

Options you had
1) You either find yourself under or top piling clothes with the dress
2) You’re looking for a seamstress who can provide the perfect last-minute alterations

With Urban Modesty, we don’t provide you with options, only because our line prevents such problems from occurring as a whole.

The Urban Modesty Goal is to guarantee that you are able to find the dress of your dreams, without the typical questions and concerns standing in the way of your purchase.

Urban Modesty promotes both fashion and modesty. you’ve read it correctly. Fashion and modesty have been finally used in the same sentence.

Urban Modesty’s Mission is to revolutionize what is meant by modest fashion. No longer will shapeless, bland clothing come to mind when a woman strives to be modest in her style. Instead we want women to fully embrace modesty with all the trendy, fashion-forward, cutting-edge clothing we’ve all come to expect from our apparel.

Urban Modesty Believes that women do not have to make any sacrifices in terms of fashion and style due to one’s values. As a result, we will offer women the best of both worlds. Along with modest and fashion-forward clothing, we are proud to present our products at modest prices to reflect our values.

Urban Modesty was Founded with you, the Consumer,   in mind every step of the way. From the design process to our prices, our goals are to serve your needs and diverse lifestyles. We offer conscious pricing, customer appreciation, trendy, fashion-forward style, for women who seek to have their values reflected in their dress code.

Urban Modesty’s Goal is for the name Urban Modesty to become synonymous with modest fashion globally.  The one stop shop for all your modest needs. Offering the best products, service and customer experience. We are not just a store we are a way of life, welcome to the Urban Modesty family.

What makes Urban Modesty Customers order over 10, 15, or 20 Times?

IT'S THE PERFECT TAILORED FIT - Our Styles are Tailor fitted, yet modest.  We pay an incredible amount of attention to the cut of our modest dresses, open abayas, maxi cardigans, tops, skirts, and hijabs.   While other companies may copy our styles, they will not be able to copy the cut.

IT'S THE TRENDY STYLE - If you follow the New York Runway, you will find many similarities with our styles.  We take the latest trends, add a touch of our own style, and plenty of modesty, to bring you new styles monthly.

IT'S THE QUALITY MATERIAL - While we do have low prices, we do not have low quality.  We use the best material available in this segment.  All of our material is hand selected from over a thousand fabric swatches.  

ITS THE UNIQUENESS - With tens of thousands sold, how often do you find Urban Modesty styles on the streets?  Rarely.  This is because we rarely restock, keeping you unique.


Urban Modesty: If You Got Modesty, We Got You Covered!